At Outsource Now, we take pride in collaborative working. For this very reason we decided to partner with local consulting firm and NGO, Challenges Worldwide, welcoming a diverse team of business associates for three months over the winter period. Elsie Mupeta and Tamara Nkaka Nsofwa joined us as recent Zambian graduates, whilst Lauren Rofe joined us from the United Kingdom. As we progress into the final few weeks of Challenges’ intervention, we reflect on the take-away from our shared experience. The new recruits gained an insight into the vibrant Zambian start-up culture, and at Outsource Now we attained access to new insights and perspectives. In early July the Challenges business associates began to collect information about our business in order to produce a company diagnostic. As a result of this diagnostic we delved deeper into our product offering, better understanding our supply chain and considering key business priorities to enable continued growth. One of our key take-aways is the need to consistently re-assess the demand-side of our business, monitoring the size of our market, customer perceptions of our service and brand, and keeping an eye on the competition. Associate Lauren Rofe was struck by how ‘Outsource Now are agile, vibrant and open-minded.’ She went on to say that ‘it has been a pleasure to work alongside the team, and I hope to stay in touch, making my skills available to them in the future.’ This is an exciting time for Outsource Now, and we hope that our work with Challenges Worldwide is just the first collaborative partnership of many!